Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Paleo Pad Thai

Years ago I posted my recipe for raw Pad Thai on Sweetly Raw. It's a dish that I make occasionally when I'm in the mood for something zingy or sometimes for dinner guests. Last weekend when I made dinner for my friend Pam (you can see the recipe for the raw mango coconut cardamom cheesecake I serverd HERE), I knew I wanted to make pad Thai... but then I was hit with a craving for peanut sauce and decided to go with that at the last minute. The sauces are almost the same - the main difference being peanut butter instead of almond butter. I've already posted the Thai noodles in peanut sauce but  I'm sharing all recipes today along with my recipe for a creamy miso ginger sauce from that same old post. All of these sauces go beautifully on zucchini noodles or kelp noodles. For our dinner I added chunks of organic cooked chicken for a truly satisfying meal.

You can make any of these sauces more or less spicy according to your taste. I'm a wimp when it comes to spice but a bit is necessary to give the dish a kick. Also feel free to add more or less tamari and miso to accommodate your salt preference. More or less ginger too!

Noodles and Veggies

For the noodles spiralize zucchini or use kelp noodles.
For veggies add shredded carrot, sliced snow peas, chopped bok choy, celery, red bell peppers, etc.
For protein add chicken, tofu, or beef, or none at all.
Garnish with: fresh basil, mint, cilantro, lime slices, and chopped cashew, peanuts, or almonds.

Pad Thai Sauce
Raw Vegan

3/4 cup coconut milk*
1/2 cup raw almond butter
4-5 teaspoons chopped ginger
1 tablespoon white miso
1 small clove garlic
1 tablespoon lime juice
2 teaspoons tamari
1 drop stevia or 1/2 date
Jalapeno or red chili flakes, to taste 

*Option 1: Blend young coconut pulp with it's water, making sure it's the consistency of thick cream. If there isn't much pulp you will need more pulp to thicken it up, or less of the water.

*Option 2: Blend 1/3 cup shredded coconut with 1 cup water in a high speed blender until smooth and then strain through a nut milk bag for a smooth milk.

*Option 3: Canned full fat coconut milk.

Thai Peanut Sauce

1/2 cup full fat coconut milk
1/2 cup peanut butter
1-2" chunk ginger*
1 clove garlic
4 tablespoons lime juice
3 tablespoons tamari
1 tablespoon white miso
1/4 teaspoon chili flakes, or to taste
*I like 3 tablespoons chopped to be the best amount. 

Here I used kelp noodles, raw pad thai sauce, herbs, red pepper, and seasoned sunflower seeds. 

Creamy Miso Ginger Sauce
Raw Vegan

Here's another yummy sauce I made recently (I didn't get a pic), also for kelp noodles. It's creamy and coconutty which I love. Serve it over zucchini or kelp noodles with veggies.

1/4 cup raw sesame oil*
8 tablespoons orange juice
3 tablespoons almond butter
3 tablespoons white miso
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 teaspoons lemon or lime juice
2- 3 drops stevia
2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
2-3" piece of ginger, peeled
1 small clove garlic
Cayenne, to taste

Blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy in a blender.

*not to be confused with toasted sesame oil which has a very strong taste. The extra virgin kind has a very neutral taste.

Yum yum!! Chicken Pad Thai!


  1. You sneaky thing! These are ways to get me to happily eat coconut and orange juice! :P

  2. Amazing recipes! Thank you Lovely. We have to try these when next time we have friends over!

  3. Wow amazing recipes! Who needs the rice noodles with these amazing options? And the fact that I said that says a lot about how much I love these recipes- I used to me a pad thai, complete with noodles, FIEND!

  4. What a beautiful meal. Your friends must be so excited whenever you offer to make a meal for them!

    This might sound weird, but you are so fantastically bendy. How long have you been practicing yoga? Do you have dance experience?

    1. Thank you! I've been practicing yoga for about 13 years. No dance experience but I did gymnastics as a kid.